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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ubuntu Raid1 how to | TUTORIAL BIT

Ubuntu Raid1 how to | TUTORIAL BIT

April 7, 2011, Just moments before installing the CPU in the motherboard! 2:25pm EST

Why Life is like baseball!- By Aharon Moshe Sanders
                               Stephen C. Sanders
Inspired by an co-worker from the 5-Towns, Bill at Prime Time.

The quotable moment:

"How come you sending Steve to try to Pitch the front cover to the Curves in Baldwin Park" (they never seemed to be able to find and keep a good Baldwin Park sales rep)
Asked Bill, 
"Because Steve's the better gun slinger, going in there guns-a-blazin? Answered Stuart with only a touch of drama, so as to seriously quash an future challenges to his authority as owner of the publication.

Then quietly, and I would say almost lovingly adding, "your the guy I would got to when I want to lay down a bunt"- calmly and soothingly stating evenly to Bill, knowing full well, that good ole Bill, (you could set your clock by him) was a huge baseball fan.

I have not yet created my technical blog, but I simply had to grab this important bit of information before moving on. This is in addition to a piece of important info that I found while researching two hard drives that were recommended to me by someone who perhaps had not thoroughly researched what Raid is all about.

For my random surf in visitors, and I do love you all, you might be thinking why is this guy talking about bug spray, cockroach killing? I assure you although cockroaches are indeed an equally important issue, especially if you live close to or over a restaurant say in New York City, that this particular post that I saw was so precious, is something that I am almost nearly ready to do.

But 1st I must place the AMD Phenom x4 840 quad-core processor
(3.2GHz) available at microcenter for $99.99 with a FREE Asus motherboard- Wow!

Yet there are all these folks out there, who keep saying I don't know how to monetize a website!

Well, I guess if one spends so much time trying to create things, and make things come into existence on the world wide web aka the internet, eventually the technology bug come along and gigabytes you.

Eventually as my good friend Bill, over at PrimeTime (no it was never a senior's publication rather one of those freebie PennySaver like shoppers guides,that used to have the television listings, used to always say Ad biz.

Like baseball, you had to be able to hit and field oh yeah and run fast too, in case you got a hit!

Well in the Ad world you had to be able to sell, and you had  to have some sense of promoting, creating offers, that actually worked, and then you not only needed a sense of design, but you had to proofread the thing too!

These days if you want to succeed in the WWW league and get into the $$$$$-club, you gotta know it all.

You can no longer just be that guy you imagined sitting in some big office with a cigar and a high back leather chair barking orders.

No, you have got to learn the cutting edge stuff, and then apply it so that it works. We all know, failure in the year 2011, is not an option!

 Aharon Moshe Sanders
 Stephen C. Sanders
April 7, 2011, Just moments before installing the CPU in the motherboard! 2:25pm EST   

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