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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Import & Convert Wordpress Blog into Blogger Blog

Import & Convert Wordpress Blog into Blogger Blog: "Blogger is getting better and there could be bloggers wanting to import and convert their WordPress blog to Blogger blog. WordPress has in-built feature (under ‘tools’ tab) to import any Blogger blog. However, reverse conversion of WordPress blog to Blogger blog is not supported.
Well, not anymore – you can convert your WordPress blog to Blogger blog. WordPress2Blogger web service provide a dead simple way for this conversion. To get started, login into your WordPress blog then goto ‘Manage’ or ‘Tools’ tab and look for export option. Using this option download WordPress WXR export file.
Now upload this file to WordPress2Blogger online service to make it Blogger compatible. Download the resultant file and upload it into Blogger blog using import feature in Blogger dashboard. Your WordPress posts should start appearing in Blogger blog. This method is suitable for smaller blogs with export / import files less than 1MB."

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