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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging with Amy - powered by FeedBurner

Blogging with Amy - powered by FeedBurner: "I wanted to include links on my reveal page. To do this, I simply used HTML (again, refer to my tutorial in which I use the Static HTML app). And actually, the way I came up with the HTML was to write my reveal page in WordPress. I used the “Add new post” window’s “Visual” tab and then grab the HTML from the HTML tab. I wrote the whole thing just like I would a regular blog post, including the “Thanks” image I created separately"

Editors Note: People who blog about creating landing pages with Html in their description tend to always try to make it sound easy. These days there are all kinds of html editors out  there however people are understandably fearful in doing something they do not thoroughly understand.

I suppose if I had to wait until I thoroughly understood anything before I tried to do it, then I suppose I never would have gotten anything done. Yes, indeed I do get stopped a lot by my own perfectionist tendencies however I should give myself a little bit of credit at least once in a while.

Stephen C. Sanders- July 20, 2011

You need to overcome a certain element of fear, just about every time you try to do something that you are not really sure that you can do.

If everyone waited around till they have mastered something before they actually try, and take their first attempt, then nothing of any significance might have ever occurred in the way of progress or technology in this world. Think about it. AhMbDvd

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