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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have You Noticed Something Different

The maturation process take longer for some than others. For example a fruit fly may get go from birth, to adult to reproduction and death in just a number of days. Other living things be they elephants or whales, will have a much longer life cycle.

Last night on Nova for example there was a program on:
Cuttlefish are sometimes referred to as the chameleon of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will.

Cuttlefish eyes are among the most developed in the animal kingdom. The organogenesis of cephalopod eyes differs fundamentally from that of vertebrates like humans

Yet I have not come just to discuss these amazing creature, however the program on them discussed how their life cycle seemed so relatively short for an organism where displayed such a complex and and large brain. The program on Nova showed its ability to learn.

The original tie I recall had to do with what has happened or more properly explained what has not happened over all these years with my blogs (which a great a number) or my websites of which there are fewer yet some are truly packed with a diverse array of original content.

I bring all this to my readers attention now, because collectively these blogs as well as the website will all be entering into a monetization phase. Therefore you may notice some google ads popping up as well as some other possible changes.

Just letting my readers know, that this is not some strange new site that was taken over by some "multi-national" corporation. No, its just, doing a little more of what I have always been doing on and off over the years.

Stephen C. Sanders- Thursaday, July 14, 2011 @ 6:15pm

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