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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TheWritersCafe.org » September 11 Yesterday and Today

TheWritersCafe.org » September 11 Yesterday and Today: "Today too many of us live life like the flock. There is no sharing in the flock, and constant pushing and shoving. From the little research I have already done on Chekhov, he was greatly concerned about the rights of man, as mentioned in The Seagull.

My personal belief is that there is no shortage of wealth in this nation, as well as in the world. Political theorists would have us believe that the economy of our country has taken a major downturn simply because perhaps a handful of the wealthiest have lost a few poorly placed bets on the great economic roulette wheel of “high tech stocks”"

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  1. There is simply no getting around the cyclical nature of things. The better we are able to understand the better we can attempt to put things in proper perspective.

    If the government as whole continues to use the doubly dangerous combination of decreasing support to the citizens of this nation while at the same time attempting to implement tax cuts so that large corporations can continue to increase their profits, then the government in effect would not only be fanning the flames of the economic collapse but will actually be throwing gasoline as an accelerant upon a collapsing infrastructure.

    Why would China want to reel in and restructure our debt? Simply, because the US government spends irresponsibly and taxes irresponsibly.


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