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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simple and easy free file hosting - FileFactory - [Signed in as: todaysclouds@gmail.com]

Simple and easy free file hosting - FileFactory - [Signed in as: todaysclouds@gmail.com]: "File download speedUnlimitedLimitedVery limited
Maximum parallel downloadsUnlimited11
Direct downloads
Download limits100GB / dayHourly limitVery limited
Download wait timerInstant downloadsAverage waitLong wait
Fast downloads even when servers are busy
Download resume support
Download manager support
Banner ads and popupsNoneSomeMany
Hotlink your files
Download torrents
Upload with FTP
Upload with FileFactory Turbo
Download with FileFactory Turbo
Filebox - allow users to upload files to your account
File storage limit2TB500GBN/A
File storage timeUnlimited"

1 comment:

  1. I may not be taken in by the money making opportunity, yet if this system allows for faster uploads of video, then the lately pretty slow YouTube, then there is something happening at FileFactory.com!


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