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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TheWritersCafe.org » Chess

TheWritersCafe.org » Chess: "not being decisive or being a glittering generality. He had used this analogy about how he was offered these muffins that were baked by a a neighbor or friend of his. They tasted okay but he wondered why they were so short and squat. Why they were not tall and fluffy like a muffin or biscuit is supposed to be. (I think it was biscuits). Any way the housewife explained to him that somehow they were “getting ready to rise” but for some reason that they did not."

I suppose this post is going to be perfectly placed right here, and then of course, If I can sign in, on Facebook.

It turns out that I had the right idea above, yet somehow had managed to mis atribute this classic piece of "Self_Actualization" theory. It turns out that at some point in my life, even though G-d has blessed me with a gifted mind, I ended becoming a mortgage temp, at Mortgage and Financial in California. Never mind that I had quit the Respiratory therapy program at UCLA hospital to finish my Bachelors Degree. Never mind that I had obtained a 5 year provisional certificate to teach Biology and General Science 7-12. Never mind, okay!

So I guess this was when my good ole Uncle Harv, (he should rest in peace) decided to lend me some tapes, and books. I guess one was that classic Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich", but the tape, was not Napoleon Hill at all.

No, It was Zig Zigler!

Let the record reflect, I made a mistake. I believe I was able to correct it in less than two years.

Thank You.

Stephen C. Sanders

Notable Quote:

Getting Ready to Rise, but Im afraid, they just got baked in the squat.-Zig Zigler (from one of his motivational tapes).

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