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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jewish Private Schools In New Jersey

High School
# Students
Bayonne Yeshiva Gedolah Of Bayonne
All-boys 90 9-12
Cherry Hill Delaware Valley Torah Institute
All-boys 20 9-12
Edison Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva
All-boys (School with Special Program Emphasis) 76 9-12
Egg Harbor Township Trocki Hebrew Academy Of Atlantic County
108 PK-12
Elberon Ilan High School
All-girls 68 9-12
Elizabeth Bruriah High School For Girls
All-girls 375 7-12
Elizabeth Jewish Educational Center
478 PK-12
Englewood Yeshiva Ohr Hatalmud Of Englewood
All-boys 100 9-12
Lakewood Bais Kaila Torah Preparatory High School For Girls
All-girls 274 9-12
Lakewood Bais Shaindel High School For Girls
All-girls 390 9-12
Lakewood Bais Yaakov High School
All-girls 343 9-12
Lakewood Me'or Hatorah
All-boys 55 9-11
Lakewood Mesivta High School Of Bradley
All-boys (Vocational/Technical School) 24 9-12
Lakewood Mesivta Keser Torah
All-boys 71 7-12
Lakewood Mesivta Of Lakewood
All-boys 95 8-12
Lakewood Mesivta Pe'er Hatorah
All-boys 43 9-12
Lakewood New Jersey Center For Judaic Study
All-boys 140 8-12
Lakewood Ohr Chodosh
All-boys 34 9-12
Lakewood Yeshiva Bais Aharon
All-boys 38 9-12
Lakewood Yeshiva Birchas Chaim
All-boys 62 9-12
Lakewood Yeshiva Keren Hatorah
All-boys 153 5-12
Lakewood Yeshiva Keter Torah
All-boys 152 K-11
Lakewood Yeshiva Toras Chaim / Yeshiva Nesivos Ohr
All-boys 148 9-12
Lakewood Yeshivas Bais Pinchos
All-boys 54 9-11
Livingston Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School
264 9-12
Morristown Cheder Lubavitch
201 PK-12
Newark The Mesivta Of North Jersey
All-boys 62 9-12
Ocean Deal Yeshiva - Boys Division
324 PK-12
Ocean Hillel Yeshiva High School
229 9-12
Paramus The Frisch School
650 9-12
Passaic Bais Yaakov Of Passaic High School For Girls
All-girls 148 9-12
Passaic Mesivta Tiferes Rav Zvi Aryeh Zemel
All-girls 108 9-12
Passaic Yeshiva Ktana Of Passaic Girls
All-girls 894 PK-12
Teaneck Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School For Girls
All-girls 221 9-12
Teaneck Schechter Regional High School
62 9-11
Teaneck Sinai Schools
(Special Education School) 78 1-12
Toms River Toms River Torah Center
All-boys 9 9-10
Union City Mesivta Sanz
(School with Special Program Emphasis) 314 PK-12
West Long Branch Deal Yeshiva
310 PK-12
West Orange Golda Och Academy Upper School (formerly Solomon Schechter of Essex & Union)

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