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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Domain Name Information

Domain Name Information: "How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Here is some information and tips to help you select the best domain name for you:

Keep it short.  The shorter, the better.  It�s best to keep your domain name less than 15 characters if possible.  A shorter name is easier for people to remember and it also reduces the likelihood that your visitor will mistype it or spell it wrong.  For example, BuyIt.com has a lot less chance of being mistyped than isellthispleasebuyitfrommetoday.com.
Keep it sweet.  The more memorable the name, the easier it is for people to remember.  You can have the best site in the world, but if people can�t remember your domain name it will cut down on your return visitors.  It�s hard enough to get traffic on the web without �losing� visitors that want to come back but can�t find you.

Keep it simple.  Make sure the domain name is easy for people to spell.  Don't spell words unusually.  Unless you have incredible branding, people will type in the common spelling of your domain and your competition will get visitors who were looking for you.  For example, BlueRight.com is much better than BluRite.com"

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