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Monday, October 17, 2011

High Google PageRank Domain Fraud

High Google PageRank Domain Fraud: "Domain names are investments, and any investment should researched. Never make the assumption that the domain broker has done this research for you. Chances are, they haven't.

Just as there is fraud in PPC, there is also fraud in domain purchasing. Remember that. Just because the toolbar displays a PageRank of 5 doesn't mean that is accurate.

First, let's discuss the process and how the con artist works. Most SEOs and knowledgeable webmasters know the value of a high PageRank site. And how it can take months - even a year to get a solid PageRank 5 site. So, many SEOs and webmasters turn to purchasing domains to get a jump start on the process. Their thinking is, "If I spend a few thousand on this site, it will shave months off my work schedule.""

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