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Sunday, October 9, 2011

OnlineCasino.Co Sells For $100K In Record Setting Sale | The Domains

OnlineCasino.Co Sells For $100K In Record Setting Sale | The Domains: "by MHB

The domain name OnlineCasino.co has just sold for $100,000 certainly setting a record for the highest reported Sale of a two word .Co.

At $100,000 this domain  becomes tied for the 4th largest ccTLD sale of the year according to DnJournal.com

To date other than single character .Co domain names which have been sold directly through the registry, this appears to be the highest reported sale of a .Co domain again according to DnJournal.com

Business.Co sold for $80,000 back in May and Finance.Co Sold for $45,000 in June."

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