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Monday, November 21, 2011

Advertise With Us! « TheWritersCafe.org

Advertise With Us! « TheWritersCafe.org: "Our Grand Opening For New Advertiser Only Special Is:

12- 125 x 125 size ads-
That means 12 Ads placed on twelve different Jewish themed websites!
(must use same image for all ads)


18 Links on other Jewish Themed Websites


Two different advertorials which are premium placed articles where you provide the editorial content announcing your product, service and/or website. We will choose the place on on the website which most closely matches the traget audience you are seeking!

As a final bonus instead of running this Premium Custom Web Advertising Package for one month for an incredibly low price of only $180 for the full month. We will give you an additional month of niche specific advertising for an additional one month at no extra charge."

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