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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Domain Prices Just Like Stock Options

"IDNX is a Price Index for Internet Domain Names

Each month, it calculates the latest trends in domain prices.

It is the appropriate benchmark for estimating changes in the value of your domains.

IDNX is based on data for more than 200,000 domain sales.


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  1. "..Domain prices have an economic foundation. They are not detached from the economy in general. On the contrary, domain price changes are very similar to changes in the NASDAQ 100 index, the stock prices of internet giant Google or total revenues from online marketing (US). The strong correlation shows that domain name buyers and sellers make economically motivated price decisions. Domain markets are not a cloud-cuckoo-land where dreamers trade esoteric goods at imaginary prices. "....

    Above Quote From Domain Name Index: INDX.com



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