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Thursday, November 17, 2011


DOMAINfest: "Each file includes the presenter's contact information. Feel free to contact them for additional assistance in the respective topic. Be sure to mention that you got their contact info from DOMAINfest.

Right click and "Save Target As" to download file. Or left click to open in a new browser window.
Richard Baxter from SEOgadget: "SEO Best Practices After Panda" 3.0mb PDF
Dr. Harry Brignull from Clearleft: "Dark Patterns in UX Design" 8.2mb PDF
Ken Hansen from Neustar: "ccTLD and gTLD Panel Discussion" 0.6mb PDF
Sam Frida from Verisign: "ccTLD and gTLD Panel Discussion" 0.5mb PDF
Daniel Eisenhut from InterNetX: "ccTLD and gTLD Panel Discussion" 1.4mb PDF
Freddy Schiwek from DomainInvest: "ccTLD and gTLD Panel Discussion" 0.1mb PDF
Peter Glaeser from Sponsormob: "Mobile Monetization Panel Discussion" 0.2mb PDF
Miguel Ochoa from Affilinet: "Affiliate Monetization Panel Discussion" 2.2mb PDF"

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