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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello Ombusdman for ICANN

Nice of you to introduce yourself to people who might have a vested interest in the domain business.

It looks like my comment was believed to be spam, so I will introduce it here:
Hello again:

New Ombudsman at ICANN


I wanted to try a more proper introduction:

Hi Chris,

My name is Stephen C. Sanders and I have been very interested in the domain field for several years now. I personally feel that ICANN should be as forthcoming, and transparent regarding the nature and the reason for the release of, an entire alphabet soup of new domain endings.

Perhaps before I pass judgement and misinterpret the reason for adding even more possibilities for the different letters that follow a given domain name. Additionally I am big enough to admit that these changes could theoretically devalue some of the many domains I have purchased and continue to have to pay for in the way of renewals.

When a company offers a "Solution" such as adding new Domain endings as in the new gTLD's it might be useful to know some of the initial "Problems" that caused such a solution to be looked into in the 1st place.

I have had friends ask me if they believe that investing in domains can still be a profitable thing, I am curious to know:

A) Can you provide some quality links that explains whats going on from the point of view of a novice (perhaps as a response to this)

B) When a company or business such as lets say "Target" for example tries to buy the rights to: dot Target,

Does this mean that they will now control the dot target TLD - For their own corporate use only, and therefore also mean that they could no longer or must relinquish any "pending litigation" against owners of domains like:

TargetPractice.org .biz .com .net .info .us ???

Because even a lawyer would have to see that TargetPractice could be a useful name of an Archery store or hunting club etc.

C) Is Target allowed to then "sell" its .target TLD to just anyone, ..?

In other words, how is this thing going to work?

Stephen C. Sanders


PS: I hope you understand my perspective on the idea that until this very recent change there may be have been many other people (like myself) who have been working on developing a unique a novel plan to enter into the the internet marketplace with various products and strategies.

Therefore depending on the intent, plan and scope of these changes, people who have been building up and seeking funding for the novel enterprises may find the introduction of gTLD's to be a major game changer, and they deserve at least to be considered.

For example some of my friends on Facebook showed some skepticism about the domain field, I personally think that the usage of such labels as "domain squatters" is frequently overuses and applied incorrectly, additionally the frequently stated belief that every good name is already taken I can easily prove to be totally false an having no reasonable basis in fact.

My FB friends asked me about investing in domains

So if your friends were asking you about investing in domains, what would you tell them?

PSS: I am known by my Hebrew name on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. I am trying to be a more centered person these days, in giving other people organizations or representative the opportunity to present their findings before rushing to judgement.

    The 1st report I had seen on the domain scene (pun unintentional-subliminal) was how the up and coming dot CO TLD (Top Level Domain) was going to be a paradigm changer, guess what...not really.

    Yet I can say this, the promotion of dot CO as an alternative to dot Com is definitely making the existing domain registrars wealthier!

    While a solid and established company can go ahead and spend say another $25/year to protect their name, and it could be more difficult for other would be "start up businesses" with all kinds of start up costs.

    ICANN, needs to be as transparent as possible with the "True Justification" of the upcoming gTLD's and explain their idea and their thinking.

    What do other people think?

    Stephen C. Sanders


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