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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Found a Group That Loves the E-Parasite-Bill: Trademark Lawyers | The Domains

I Found a Group That Loves the E-Parasite-Bill: Trademark Lawyers | The Domains: "it’s like the vendors you used to see on the street in new york city many years ago selling counterfeit stuff, all laid out on the sidewalk.

by analogy, the best this law does is try to prevent passers by from seeing these vendors. or maybe in rare cases it allows us to make the vendor pack up and move to another street corner.

it’s sort of like trying to stop illegal drugs by only focusing on dealers. is that really going to be effective?

at some point you have to find and go after the crops, raw materials and/or production facilities. and you have to stop the transport of contraband across borders."

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  1. The Anti-Regulation Crowd CanNot Play Both Sides OF The Fence.
    Stephen C. Sanders, Tuesday November 8, 2011 at 1:287pm ET

    I will leave off bumping up my blogs with this:
    The thing that is happening with the Global Economic is this: The ruling class of corporate culture have huge amounts of money at their disposal to place theirs bets on both sides of the economic game.

    They want to continue in their endless diatribe against any or all types of US regulation of commerce (the very thing which initiated the current "Global Crisis",-except when some large corporation, lets say Auto Mfg's or Financial Companies (or Banks or Savings and Loans) are adversely effected.

    Now that there is a way that a small-time investor can stand to gain huge profits in the Domain Market, the Big Players, who might need to spend money to maintain control of some "Key Words" in the internet world, that they think they are entitled to own, want to hire their lobbyists and lawyers to develop legislation, to protect their own interests.

    In other words, Government Regulation of Enterprise is always bad, except for when large corporation have to spend money to maintain their theoretical competitive edge, in the more level playing field of internet commerce.

    Stephen C. Sanders, Tuesday November 8, 2011 at 1:30pm ET

    Stephen C. Sanders, is an independent web developer who currently maintains a small yet potentially valuable portfolio of over 300 domains, many of which have only recently been listed on Sedo.

    { In the second quarter alone (2011), Sedo managed domain sales totaling $22 million and that is nothing short of spectacular. Source:


    PS: And you may have thought the .net and .org domains were worthless these days!

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