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Friday, November 18, 2011

Low Cost | Social Advertising.org

Low Cost | Social Advertising.org

: "Our Urban Targeted Ad Plans:
These links and direct ads are primarily designed for small independent websites to increase their Alexa rankings, while potentially highlighting between one to three specific products of either general or specific interest, or seasonality.

For an introductory price of $80 we will publish your advertisement on our 125 x 125 pixel network or 250 x 250 pixel BlogSpot network on up to eight (8)** different websites with minimum Global Alexa Ratings between 700,000 to 3 Million. Alternatively, depending or your marketing requirements we can place photo and text link ad on any of our BlogSpot affiliated websites."




http://MyDomainResearch.com   New!


And much more being developed as we speak. 

Advertising Inquiries can be initiated, invoiced, and created with out you or I ever having to leave our homes or offices, where our presence may be needed to create and place the ads in real time!

Stephen C. Sanders
Account Executive

Social Advertising.org

The Best Ads Involve People You Know


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