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Friday, November 18, 2011

Quotation Of The Day- From Tzfat-Line

Item #15
Did you lose your Puppy?
Better yet, do you miss Puppy?
A beautiful puppy followed my kids form the Midrachov after school today; he was cold, wet and crying of hunger.
Please see pictures of him attached and let us know if he belongs to you or someone you know. He looks about 2 months old, playful and apparently from a home in which he plays a lot and gets lots of attention.
We are not looking to keep him at this time (although our 5-year old daughter already named him...

The reason I liked that quote so much from Batya Esther in Tzfat, Israel is the second line;.... Better yet, do you miss Puppy?
I just find that amusing, it made me smile and want to share it, the item showed up in my In Box- e-mail.

News Flash: For those who truly know (and hopefully have come to at least like) the man behind this website; I have gotten the green light and will finally be able to make Aliyah (pending only the usual Nefesh B Nefesh procedues-or course!)...

Ain't that great! 

Shouts out to my eternal friends (and my living friends...ref,,photo is of a gravesite..) 

Reb Moshe I Love Torah
(We love you too!)

Some guy who's last name is Levin,

All the folks in the Rindenow Clan (Mishbacha)

The woman and her children from South Africa (who were blessed to be able to live in Tzaf) ...Ruchi, thank you so much for your hospitality when we were visiting Tzfat, in summer 2009.




Hopefully I got the ending of the last website correctly, I am so partial to the .org ending I am probably one of the few people on the web who might actually choose to buy the .org domain over the .com domain, because well I just kind of like it, and others do as well!

PS: While plenty of people who make Aliyah sell stuff from their apartment before making Aliyah, I am trying to lighten up on my virtual property, domains, before leaving the US.

So, if any of my friends or followers on the web know someone in need of a domain, or two or three, please buy one of mine, and I do have some great domains available!

Also, by buying a domain privately, I will gladly donate the commissions I save (up to 18%) to an upstanding charity of their choice.

Contact me for a complete list, and I will do my best to give you my actual asking price, if you give me some clue as to the type of domain you need.

I own some dot coms. plenty of dot orgs, even a couple of pretty cool .me domains!

Here's one for you: SocialCause.me

you can also cc: (for a faster response)

With, hey I need a domain...
(in the subject box)

Please reference Chaidomains in the body of the letter, so I know you saw it here! 

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