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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small Business Loan Funds – Jewish Agency for Israel

Small Business Loan Funds – Jewish Agency for Israel: "Israelis with entrepreneurial initiative and sound business ideas lack the collateral necessary to receive regular bank loans. The demands of the regular capital market prevent them from raising the initial capital needed to open their business. New immigrants and economically disadvantaged native-born Israelis thus stand little chance of receiving bank financing, no matter how promising their initiative may be.

The Jewish Agency Loan Fund addresses this unmet need and contracts with the banks to undertake part of the financial responsibility in the event of default of repayment. The Jewish Agency guarantees the loans if the applicant falls within the designated criteria.

From an idea to a successful business – How Does It Work?

The process starts with the entrepreneur contacting an independent business advisor or MATI centers (entrepreneurship development centers) around Israel. The business concept is examined and an application for basic approval is submitted. The Jewish Agency considers whether the entrepreneur satisfies the preset criteria and the bank looks at financial risks involved."

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