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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ten Domains Available At Only 25% Above Estibot Appraised Value!

Check out these domains who's value has been established after only a few days in Sedo Parking. They are available directly from the publisher of this website at only 25% to 10 times above their estibot appraised value:

Save on brokers commission, buy direct!

adsand.com $4300 [ If you are an Ad Agency, how can you miss Ads And... 43k firm! 1st binding offer (can accept a PayPal binding offer)  that meets my price get this...Dont let this slip by you!
hyiplistings.com $3800 [ If you are into stocks you know what this is (hint penny stocks)... Lets negotiate an offer of 10 times the appraisal keeps this off the auction platform....
faceagain.net $3600... If you could buy FaceAgain.com would it be worth 100K? How about a serious offer in the low to mid 30k range? Or twist my arm and negotiate this for an even better price!
AlmostHome.in    $2500 My 1st .in domain... So you can get this for a sweet 18k..firm 1st firm offer binds me for this price!
bestface.us $1900 (Don't be a trend follower be a trend maker, if you live in the US, then a US domain with Best and Face is definitely worth 25k! Don't wait!
UsHost.us  $1700   [ The Buy US concept is out there once again, and the .Us domain is poised to be Big right here in the US! Offers in the mid 20K range. 
findcashquickly.com $1600- (This one is going to probably be auctioned unless I can an immediate and  serious offer in the mid 5 figure range. 
TopTraffic.us $1200    This one has got to be valuable for an SEO firm that wants to play up the next Buy US concept 37K firm. Sew up this deal at the best price, no auction, no commission, just buy it before you have to wait for an auction and bid against your competitors!
GenericDomain.us $1100  Since my top domain price on this page is 43K, could this domain be worth anything less? Make Offer, impress me with an agressive 1st binding offer...Make this Domain Yours if you know how to use it! 
FrumSearch.com $1100   Since this page is called ChaiDomains there should be a nice Jewish Domain on the page! Frum is the simple and easy to spell word in orthodox Jewish Circles, so make this your domain....The 1st serious offer above 36K makes this domain yours...or a very aggressive 1st offer thats very close to my asking price!

We all save on brokers fee's so depending on the success of this pitch (which helps my small family relocate to Israel, yes this is our pre Aliyah Sale) I will donate 10% of the proceeds to charity of buyers choice. If one buyer bids and obtains any three they can name their favorite non-profit cause to receive 18% of the final sale price.

Know serious domain Players?

These domains are in the 100k plus league:

Parked at Sedo, no exclusive or auction yet.

Make Offer!

This is the domain for the Ad Agency (Lets Say in the TV field) that wants something strong to deliver to some specific client ... This domain would probably net over 350K in an auction but who wants to risk a random exclusive listing!

The three domains above are in the 100k to 380k league so consider a serious offer versus counter offer strategy. [ Remember skipping the auctions keeps these sales private, and allows the buyer to position himself in the market...in the best way!

Same 18% to Charity [ No offer trying to circumvent this will cause me to accept it! This is ChaiDomains...and that domain could be your as well.  [ make offer ] Has live website and Stats!!!   Move into the lucrative Jewish Non-Profit Market With a Domain that can sell established products. 180K Firm!

This site is unclaimedClaim this Site

Statistics Summary for chaidomains.com

Chaidomains.com is ranked #1,062,896 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, and almost all visitors to the site come from the US, where it has attained a traffic rank of 206,163. Visitors to the site spend about 39 seconds on each pageview and a total of four minutes on the site during each visit. Chaidomains.com is relatively popular among users in the city of New York (where it is ranked #27,314). About 67% of visits to the site consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces)

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