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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top domain sales

Top domain sales: "#4 fb.com $8,500,000 Facebook, Inc. 9/1/2010 Private sale MARKMONITOR INC
#5 diamond.com $7,500,000 ATTN DIAMOND.COM 5/14/2006 Private sale NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
#6 beer.com $7,000,000 Thought Convergence, LLC 1/1/2004 Private sale CHEAP-REGISTRAR.COM
#7 casino.com $5,500,000 Mansion Limited of Gibraltar 11/1/2003 Private sale IP MIRROR PTE LTD. DBA IP MIRR...
#8 slots.com $5,500,000 Bodog Media 6/4/2010 Moniker.com SAFENAMES LTD
#9 toys.com $5,100,000 DNS MASTER 3/5/2009 Private sale MARKMONITOR INC.
#10 korea.com $5,000,000 Korea.com Communications Co., Ltd 1/1/2000 Private sale GABIA, INC."

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for your comment Floyd, the fb.com sale caught my eye, I was actually looking into buying domains with the entire word "Facebook" in them I could have purchased them yet the Registrar would have had to manually "unlock" them because I believe the name is now subject to Trade Name protection!

    Interesting that I have a domain: TradeName.us which I feel should be getting more interest and offers not "despite" the .US TLD... but rather because of the .US TLD!!!

    Think about it!!!


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