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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top domain sales

Top domain sales: "#2 fund.com $9,999,950 Gentile, Philip 3/11/2008 Private sale DIRECTNIC, LTD"

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  1. Just in case your wondering about that number, If I am correct that number looks like what our deficit used look like in the good ole days when a Billion Dollars seemed like a huge number!

    So, thats;

    9 Billion, 999 Million, 950 thousand $$$$$'s right!

    I only mention this because I was wondering what a domain with the name:

    planfund,net should be worth, (no special reason) I just though it was kind of a good name,...

    Mainly, because every one should have some sort of:

    Plan on what to do with their fund(s).... Right!


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