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Friday, November 18, 2011

Where can we find the “Way Back Machine”? « TheWritersCafe.org

Where can we find the “Way Back Machine”? « TheWritersCafe.org: "a random post I found from the previous owner of this domain.

I thought to myself, how interesting, this domain, had some sort of virtual life before I even clicked that button so many years ago. purchasing this domain, which was to become the seed of so much writing and often an excess of research, and refinement of web development methods. So now as I sit nearly exhausted mainly because I see, things which perhaps I poured hour upon hour into may seem to come almost effortlessly to others who seem to get so much more web traffic then I do,

Yet the interesting little image, and the simple logo, and the idea that this domain once belonged to what appeared to be an upper grade school."

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