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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SANCloud9-Social Advertising Network On Cloud 9: Stephen Sanders | LinkedIn

SANCloud9-Social Advertising Network On Cloud 9: Stephen Sanders | LinkedIn: "Stephen Sanders | LinkedIn
Stephen Sanders | LinkedIn: "Stephen Sanders's Additional Information

Happy Chanukah, and no we are not in Israel yet. Please buy a $10 Ad?

Personal Website
Website Development, Writing, Photography, Biology, Nature, Poetry, Philosophy, Torah study, Music.
Groups and Associations:

Creative Designers and Writers

Frum Business Network

Frum Network

Frum Network 24/6

Interactive Media Executives"

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  1. Seriously this is the best I can do! Pay $10 and give me a under one dozen words and a pic and a link and I will place your ad on any of my websites! Plus 10% of the proceeds goes to a local Chabad or the charitable organization chosen by our biggest promoter.


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