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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Billionaires and Millionaires That Became Philanthropists | Business Pundit

25 Billionaires and Millionaires That Became Philanthropists | Business Pundit: "Carnegie believed that the wealthy have a compulsion to return to society, so he gave away most of his fortune to causes like peace and education. He retired in 1901 at age 66 as the world’s richest man. In 1902 he setup the Carnegie Institution to sponsor scientific research and pension fund for teachers by donating $10 million. He also donated $125 million to a foundation called the Carnegie Corporation to help colleges and schools.
23) Percy Ross
Born to poor immigrants from Latvia and Russia, Ross made a fortune producing plastic film and trash bags. After giving away over 1,000 bicycles at a children’s holiday party at the Minneapolis Convention Center in the late 1970s, Ross came up with the idea of doling out cash to his syndicated column readers."

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