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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to sub-delegate a reverse zone [KB1240]

How to sub-delegate a reverse zone [KB1240]: "For example say you have IP addresses ( to and you want to sub-delegate reverse DNS for ( to to your customer's DNS servers.
Then in your "33.22.11.in-addr.arpa" zone, you would add an NS-record for "64/" for each of your customers's DNS servers, and a CNAME-record for "XX.33.22.11.in-addr.arpa" pointing to "XX.64/" for each of the IP addresses in the customer's IP range where XX is the last segment of each IP address like this:

NS: 64/ -> ns1.customer.com
NS: 64/ -> ns2.customer.com
CNAME: -> 64.64/
CNAME: -> 65.64/
CNAME: -> 66.64/
CNAME: -> 67.64/"

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