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Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Leaders and High Tech Devices. - TheWritersCafe.org | TheWritersCafe.org

Great Leaders and High Tech Devices. - TheWritersCafe.org | TheWritersCafe.org: "Moshe told Joshua (who had not had any experience in battle) to choose people to go to war with Amalek while He (Moshe) would go up climb up the hill with the rod of G-d in his hand. The next pusek (sentence) tells us that Joshua did as Moshe had told him, however, Moshe did not go up alone but rather with Aharon and Hur. Rabbi Rosenblatt then brought in his next point that Moshe was supposed to be on the hill top alone and holding the great staff of G-d, the high tech device. However it turns out that Moshe was holding up his hands at the top of the hill, and then the Rabbi asked his audience, what don’t we see?"


Stephen C. Sanders

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