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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bulk Auction & LetsGoMeta.com - NamePros.com

Bulk Auction & LetsGoMeta.com - NamePros.com: "So why not bid $875 for FindCashQuickly.com? This auction price has changed see below:

If there is no bid on that domain in the next hour, it is within the rules withdrawn! You cant get a domain like that for a price like that anywhere! NO! Forget that! Find Cash Quickly.com BUYITNOW price is raised to $4,900 and minimum bid is raised to $3,900!

Total Lot Price Is Also Raised Too: $12,750. ( obo over $10K) offer is binding when I say Accepted! (or Buy it now price is reached. Auction will close if no valid offers received with 24 hours after it started.

In a perfect world, I am not selling these domains!!!

If there are well heeled domainers, now is the time, this auction will end soon, I am already working on another way to "find cash quickly" ... "

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