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Sunday, May 20, 2012


ChananyaWeissman.Com: "mustered the courage to ask a question ��“ she had never been so afraid of what might happen ��“ and this led to a discussion that lasted over two hours.

Rachel soon found herself in a seminary for Ba’alei Teshuva and rediscovered her joy for learning. Her questions were welcomed and treated with great seriousness. Never was anyone criticized for asking a question, no matter how offbeat or provocative. On the contrary, her teachers reveled in the challenges and discussions, and claimed that it sharpened their own learning.

Rachel also learned that Judaism was not a dark and forbidding religion after all, but a beautiful way of life. God was not vengeful and always on the lookout for any small excuse to punish someone for all eternity, but loving and benevolent, albeit demanding. Why wasn’t she taught this all along?"

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