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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(7) David S. Rose - Quora

(7) David S. Rose - Quora: "1980s (the Computer Classroom), a wireless data information network in the 1990s (AirMedia Live) and an international angel investing platform in the 2000s (Angelsoft, now Gust.com).

Among the fields in which I have been actively involved as an executive, board member or investor are: wireless communications, technology-enhanced real estate, consumer electronics, international finance, social networking, space tourism, user-generated content, robotic pets, online video, mobile network security, biological testing, electronic music, citizen journalism, out-of-home advertising"

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Mobile App Advertising | Brightcove

Mobile App Advertising | Brightcove: " AdMob publisher ID and our cross-platform turnkey integration with AdMob will delive"

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Win Their Loyalty: Ensure Your Customers Feel Special - Forbes

Win Their Loyalty: Ensure Your Customers Feel Special - Forbes: "Square credit card reader. When Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey fell into conversation about the difficulty small businesses have transacting business because of high credit card fees, they ultimately came up with a little device that enables small businesses to transact like big businesses. It has truly leveled the playing field.  Square caught my attention – and that of hundreds of thousands of small business owners around the globe – because it solves problems. And, even better, utilizing the company’s product and service is, again, easy.  The device plugs right into a laptop or mobile phone, account setup is a breeze, and, suddenly, cash- or check-only companies are now able to accept other forms of payment. Customers are happy. Companies are happy. Problems solved."

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

David Firshein | LinkedIn

David Firshein | LinkedIn: "Economic Empowerment
Human Rights
Poverty Alleviation
Science and Technology
Social Services"

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seeking a Co-Founder/Head of Product for an Early Stage Web Application Startup. | LinkedIn

Seeking a Co-Founder/Head of Product for an Early Stage Web Application Startup. | LinkedIn: "m hiring for an early stage Co-Founder/Head of Product. The team is looking for someone with Product Management experience including UI/UX design and experience managing consumer facing products. This role will provide complete ownership and a chance for equity at a fast growing web application startup.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at timothy.lockwood@workbridgeassociates.com or give me a call at (212) 271-5100."

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Estate Video Tours | Distribution | Filmmakers - WellcomeMat

Real Estate Video Tours | Distribution | Filmmakers - WellcomeMat: "Video for me has been the absolute, unparalleled, most effective marketing tool that I've had in 17 years. As soon as I go in and meet with a seller and say, "Let me show you a video of one of my other properties", they're blown away and they want that."

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Haskalah - My Jewish Learning

Haskalah - My Jewish Learning: "new approach to the Bible since the Commentary departed radically from the fanciful homiletical style, popular for centuries, in favour of what they felt was the plain meaning of the biblical text.

This is not to say that the Commentary is truly iconoclastic. Writing before the rise of Biblical Criticism, the Biurists adopted a stance that was completely traditional with regard to such things as the authorship of the biblical books, and was in fact fully in line with the exegesis of the medieval commentators such as Abraham Ibn Ezra and Rashbam, who tried to understand the Bible on its own terms unencumbered by midrashic elaborations. In further pursuit of their aim, the maskilim arranged for the first modern Jewish school to be opened in Berlin in 1778 and, in 1784, the periodical Hame'asef (The Gatherer) began to be published."

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zev Hecht | LinkedIn

Zev Hecht | LinkedIn: "Zev is currently the CEO/Founder of ZDH Consulting and ZDH Sales. ZDH is a leader in outsourced solutions. ZDH employs only the most experienced agents in order to maximize potential success for its clients. With over 100 agents ZDH has became a considerable sales force out of Israel.

In addition to Zev's full time job at ZDH Sales, Zev is also the acting CEO of WebDesign Israel and founder of WithoutMillions.com. Zev is also an owner of a promotional videos company, a travel agency, and an internationally recognized internet marketing company."

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