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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Win Their Loyalty: Ensure Your Customers Feel Special - Forbes

Win Their Loyalty: Ensure Your Customers Feel Special - Forbes: "Square credit card reader. When Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey fell into conversation about the difficulty small businesses have transacting business because of high credit card fees, they ultimately came up with a little device that enables small businesses to transact like big businesses. It has truly leveled the playing field.  Square caught my attention – and that of hundreds of thousands of small business owners around the globe – because it solves problems. And, even better, utilizing the company’s product and service is, again, easy.  The device plugs right into a laptop or mobile phone, account setup is a breeze, and, suddenly, cash- or check-only companies are now able to accept other forms of payment. Customers are happy. Companies are happy. Problems solved."

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